Welcome to New York!


I am officially two week into the college experience. Since I have neglected to post for fourteen days, many note-worthy events have accumulated, so I will try to list them before I forget:

Sunday August 27:

  • I moved into my dorm room (check out that view!!):img_6687
  • I bawled my eyes out when I said bye to my family
  • When I observed the 80-20 ratio of girls to boys, I was amused and then woeful (MOM YOU SAID COLLEGE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DEBUT! Looks like it’s #SpinsterStatus for me until I’m 30)
  • Day One of orientation
  • I thought that I made the wrong choice in coming here
  • Friend Count: 0

Monday August 29:

  • Day Two of orientation
  • Only got teary when I texted my parents… and thought about them… and looked at their pictures… and when I texted my friends… and when I thought about my friends. So not that much.
  • Ventured out to our school’s other campus for a little carnival (Free cotton candy!! Free popcorn! FRESHMAN 15, HERE I COME!)– it was fun!
  • Friend Count: Approx. 1

Tuesday August 30:

  • Last Day of orientation (Thank Jesus)
  • Enjoying being in walking to distance of almost EVERYTHING EVER

Wednesday August 31:

  • First day of classes. Only had two. Very exciting stuff.

Thursday September 1:

  • Joined the YMCA. My obscene amount of sweat and smiling (no one smiles in New York City. At least, not on the streets. I kind of understand why but it’s still hard. My face actually hurts from trying to look like I’d punch you if we made eye contact in the streets) seemed to scare everyone else in the YMCA off


Friday September 2:

  • Our school had a “Silent Disco,” otherwise known as a cult ritual to anyone watching us. Participants wear headphones and listen to one of two stations, but if they take off the headphones, they realize how creepy it looks to do the Cha Cha Slide in complete silence.

Saturday September 3:

  • I took a subway and train to visit some childhood friends in Philadelphia, all by myself. Is this what independence feels like?!
  • It was an exciting day

Sunday September 4:

  • Discovered the gift that is the Insomnia Cookie (cue the Heavens parting and an angelic choir of little boys in white robes singing Hallelujah)

Monday September 5:

  • Met up with my cousin in Philadelphia (she’s awesome!!! With a cool cat and a cooler apartment! Living the dream.)
  • Returned to NYC. Very happy to be back. In my humble opinion, NYC>Philly.
  • I missed sleeping on a bed. God bless beds.
  • Ran about four miles in Central Park with my roommate. Without her I would have: 1. Gotten very lost and 2. Not have been motivated to get out there and exercise, so very grateful that we’re roommates!IMG_6778.JPG

Tuesday September 6: 

  • No idea what happened on this day. Sorry.

Wednesday September 7 (and a bit of Thursday September 8):

  • Went up to the other campus and played pick-up basketball with some guys there for about two hours. About midway through playing, I noticed a familiar-looking woman working with a guy about my age on the court next to me. It turned out that this was our school’s women’s basketball head coach! I eventually worked up the nerve to introduce myself to her. She was extremely nice and invited me to come back the next day to give the women’s coaches my information. Although I have no chance of walking on, due to my very recent ACL injury clearance (still needs lots of strengthening) and my residency at the other campus (which bars me from being able to be on the team). However, the coaches were very nice and said that I could play pick-up with the girls when I’m available and they would let me know when. This was better news than anything I could have hoped for so this is truly the best of both worlds. I hope they call!
  • Played so hard I got sick. Evidently, I am extremely out of basketball shape. And every shape in general, except for a circle.

Friday September 9:

  • A nice boy on our floor gave a bunch of us on the floor beautiful roses for no reason. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD.
  • Waited 50 minutes in line for a package that just turned out to be Amy Schumer’s book. No offense to Amy Schumer but I was expecting clothes or maybe some big bucks (it was a long wait, okay! I missed FREE DIP’N’DOTS waiting in that line!). This had better be a good book!
  • Watched Shrek with some people from my floor in our dorm’s movie lounge. The music in that movie is great. The sexual innuendos hidden in that movie that I’m just now getting, not so much. I love Shrek (Shrek is love, Shrek is life).
  • I played a lot of Trivia Crack. Against my mom. It’s pretty neck-and-neck actually (judge me, I dare you).

Saturday September 10:

  • Walked to the Met Museum in the Upper East Side with my roommate. You could get lost in that place for hours. Seriously, it’s like a maze. It’s awesome though, I love the Picassos and Van Goghs best. I also like the paintings of muses from the Renaissance Era because they make me feel like my equally-lumpy body could be art. IMG_6817.JPG.jpegIMG_6809.JPG.jpegIMG_6812.JPG.jpeg

Sunday September 11:

  • Watched the reading of the 9/11 victims’ named on TV. Very moving. Cannot believe it has been 15 years.
  • Now you’re all caught up.


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