The First “Scary” Thing to Happen to Me in NYC

I have now been in New York City for two weeks. I have always dreamed of living here, but then on the car ride over, I did as I usually do, and psyched myself out and worried myself to death. I thought that as soon as I arrived, I’d be attacked by a hoard of angry hobos and robbed at gunpoint in the middle of a busy sidewalk.

As you can see, I’m an idiot.

Because New York isn’t a scary place. Just don’t walk around by yourself (when you’re a girl you have to be especially wary of this, unfortunately) in isolated areas and you’re fine. The crowdedness of NYC is actually what makes it so safe. At least I think. I’ve only been here two weeks, so I’m no expert. Only one “scary” thing has happened to me in my time here thus far, though.

Basically, I was walking around by myself in the evening. I was almost at school, so I quickened my pace. This guy in front of me holding a giant black umbrella happened to be going the same direction, and I think he thought I was following him. So when I quickened my pace he whipped around holding up the umbrella like he was going to beat me with it. My eyes got really wide and I just stopped and waited for him to turn around. I stayed put and he walked on a few feet before whipping around with his umbrella again. I waited until he was out of sight to cross the street and that was that. It’s actually pretty funny, now looking back on it. So that’s the closest I have come to danger in the big city (just knocked on wood so I didn’t jinx myself). I am excited for all of the adventures that lie ahead!!

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