New Adventures, Chapter 3: Exploring With Friends (and yes, I have them)

The secret is out, America. Against all odds, I have, indeed made some unpaid friends who are not related to me here at college! On Friday, we got crêpes, look a little promenade (I know words) through Central Park, and then explored the City.

We took a train to China Town (it was so cool and DELICIOUS and everything in their convenience stores are so cheap, HALLELUJAH!) and then after that, we went down to Wall Street–which is dead at night because it’s only an area where fancy business people work–which was beautiful at night.

I wish I could record everything with my mind. I don’t have the best memory, and I just wish I could remember this stuff forever. Every day I look outside my window at the skyline and city, I can’t believe that this is real. So I am trying to take plenty of pictures, and I am very happy to share them with you ­čÖé

Also, just totally unrelated but definitely important, I wanted to add that this is something that exists and I ate it:

This was worth the $15… right?


Go to Black Tap and you shan’t regret it!

New Adventures, Chapter 2: Fear in the Big Apple

I am scarred for life. I was walking down the street, as ya do, and looking at people (which is bad, very very wrong of me. Rule 1 of NYC life: always stare at the beautiful sidewalk below. If you’re lucky you’ll find a penny, which is more than I’ll have in probably a month. COLLEGE, AM I RIGHT?), when I saw this couple walking my direction. 

The guy was normal looking (interpret that as you will) but the woman he was with… well, she was dressed in regular clothes, seemed totally ordinary until you LOOKED AT HER FACE. I know what you’re thinking: Wow, Maddy, how can you be so shallow, have you looked in the mirror lately? What was that you said about a Freshman -15 or did you get hungry and eat the computer after you wrote that? All valid questions (though they may sting), but what was actually scary about this woman was that she had Chewbacca’s face. I don’t say this in a derogatory way, I just mean that literally, her face was Chewbacca from Star Wars. Like she had human eyes and everything but around those eyes was brown fur, basically this: 

I still get chills just thinking about this sight. It was just so confusing. I felt disoriented and scared as I stumbled back to my dorm like a drunkard, still shocked by what I’d just seen. It was not until days later that I realized this was during the NYC Comic Con. All of a sudden, everything started to make sense. The image still keeps me up at night, though. 

And that’s that.

P.S. I like mayo! 

An Apology to my Fan

Dear Fan (Mom? Dad? Someone?),

I am so sorry for my inconsistency and laziness when it comes to posting. I feel really bad, but it’s no excuse. You, my one and only fan/reader deserve better. So today I will try to make amends with much detail and the tentative promise that I’ll probably attempt to post more regularly in the future. I’ll do it for you, fan. Thanks for your support, I am so happy you’ve taken the time out of your day to read the first words that come into my head in the unedited (raw) jumble that I call this blog. God bless you and you look great today. 


Mad Dawg 

New Adventures: Chapter 1

HAPPY 16th ANNIVERSARY OF GILMORE GIRLS, EVERYONE! Today, in honor of this most glorious holiday (and to add extra hype–as if it needed any more–to the Gilmore revival coming to Netflix on Black Friday), 200 coffee shops across America transformed into the famous Luke’s Diner from 7 AM to 12 PM, giving free coffees to the first 250 customers.

It was GREAT, almost like bringing this dream world I’ve absolutely loved being a part of for these past almost 8 months (I started after my surgery and it truly gave me the strength to go on. Haha, THANKS MOM!) to life. Of course, it was a coffee shop, not a diner, so it didn’t really look like Luke’s, but the baristas wore backwards “Luke’s Diner” baseball caps, flannel shirts, and aprons with the “Luke’s” logo, which was plenty for me. I got a Luke’s Diner sleeve on my coffee cup (which is not hanging in all its glory on my dorm wall–the sleeve, not the cup!). 

I walked 1.5 miles to get to a Central Ground Coffee on the east side, only to be met by a line stretching all the way around the block. But was I deterred? Of course not, I’d do anything for Gilmore Girls (especially anything for Milo Ventimiglia, aka Jess, because I love him)! So I just found a new one! It was completely worth the two mile walk, let me tell you! Now if only November 25 would hurry up and get here already! 

I also went to the YMCA and ended up playing basketball with a few guys for about two hours, and right after, I went to my second Stove’s (our school’s comedy club) meeting. Those two things in conjunction really lifted my spirits and made what was already a good day even better. Let’s keep this up (and continue to fight the freshman 15, which I have not forgotten about, although if you see me, it may look like I have ­čśä). 

Behold my pictures! 

There it is, a beacon of home shining in the distance: 

Believe it or not, this was the much shorter line:


As a narcisstic young youth, it was inevitable that I’d take a selfie to brag about something few people actually knew or cared about (doesn’t my half-face look randiant?):

LUKE IS HERE!! He has aged well and looks as stiff as usual (that was a joke! Because he’s a cardboard cutout? *Crickets* Bad joke, got it). I wholeheartedly agree with the no man bun rule!

Time for the artsy shot that simultaneously shows off that yes, I still live in NYC:

An intimate moment shared between coffee cup and female (may not be suitable for young children to see):

Have a great night, everyone! 

Honesty is the Best Policy

I want to apologize. I feel that I have been dishonest in my representation of my college experience through what I have chosen to post. My days are not all music festivals and live tapings of talkshows. In truth, that weekend was the only one I have actually gone out with people and done stuff in the city. I mostly just do my homework, go to class, or waste time in my dorm room. I will leave the campus to go to my Japanese lesson each weekend when I walk over a mile to get to the Waldorf Astoria, but otherwise I do not get out much.

This is my own fault, of course. I know this sounds bad, but I don’t really want to have to lie and say that everything is perfect. Since Friday, I have been feeling pretty down, actually. My school has two campuses and the sporting facilities are on the other one. I knew that, and I still chose to come to the campus without the sporting facilities. I have not been going to the YMCA very much (a bad habit I need to kick, once I get a bit more on top of the workload that went from 0-100 in a mere week), but even there, there are no basketball leagues. I miss being on a team and having that support system/community that comes with trying your hardest and working towards a common goal at something you all love. Sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, so now that I have made that part of me obsolete, I am panicked. This is not a sentiment unique to me or my situation, though.

I have no idea who I am. It is also possible that I never actually knew who I was in the first place. Leaving the place that I called home for the last 18 years to the place where I have always dreamt of living has not gone how I planned. Without sports, my family, or my friends as a support system/something familiar, my identity is somewhat a mystery to me. I am not entirely comfortable exploring the city on my own because I am not entirely comfortable with myself anymore. New York City is not a place that will baby you, which is a fantastic thing, but it has also been a tough pill to swallow. This independence is unlike anything I have had or really sought out before. I am aware that a month has flown by and I have trouble thinking of ways I have taken advantage of what the city has to offer. I know that this is bad. I hope that by writing this, you know that I want to be open, not only with others, but with myself, that something needs to change within me if I want to ever live life to the fullest and enjoy college while it lasts.

I am choosing to challenge myself to getting the most out of the city possible. In trying to get out and do something different or explore somewhere new each day, I hope that I will also be discovering who I am when my identity no longer revolves around a city and the relationships and image I had forged over 18 years. This is my life behind the curtain. This is also hopefully the lowest I will ever get. In coming to NYC I knew that I was taking a risk, which is something that I usually try to avoid. I have always loved to play things safe, whether it is basketball or monopoly. But that needs to end. In going out of my comfort zone, I will change.

Time to take action. Word.


P.S. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me so much through my various meltdowns and freakouts over these past few days. I will promise that they (probably) won’t happen from here on out ­čÖé

P.P.S. Ball is still and will always be life. Also happy hockey season, everyone. Let’s Go Pens!!!!!!

Last Week Tonight

This post is not a plug for John Oliver (that bum’s show is impossible to get into, forget him… John, if you’re reading this, I didn’t mean that. Give me tickets.). This is an apology for taking a week to talk about last weekend. But luckily for you (my two loyal readers–Hi Mom and Dad!), I am squeezing in time to write this weekend in between watching the premier of Saturday Night Live tonight and doing abso-freaking-lutely nothing. It is safe to say that last weekend was probably the most exciting and action-packed one I will have for months (I don’t get out much).

Friday night was The President’s Ball, which is a fancy alternative name for Homecoming Dance (Barack wasn’t even there, they lied to me!). I went with my roommate. It was at our other campus, which has BOYS and SPORTS so I couldn’t wait to get there (all sports are on the other campus, and seemingly most of the boys are as well, just FYI). I donned one of the three dresses I brought to college with me (I should have worn them all, that would have been memorable), did my hair, and attempted to do my makeup (I don’t understand makeup and I am bad at using it. I wish I was good, though,┬ábecause┬ámine is a face that probably needs it).

The subject appears to be feigning an air of surprise (trying to make candid selfies a thing?), but just look at that smug smile and those cold, emotionless eyes that beg “Love me”.IMG_7676.PNG

The Ball was really fun! We danced for hours, and although I did not make any new friends, it was nice to at least see what boys my age looked like, because I was starting to forget. Kidding. Sort of. IMG_7673.PNG

It was a great time. After about two and a half hours there, I went with a group to explore a bit of the area outside of the gates, and I am happy and shocked to say that I made it through the Bronx alive. Also, it was pouring down rain, so maybe the fact that I looked like a drowned rat (as Cinderella’s chariot turned back into a pumpkin at midnight, my face and hair returned to it’s original slovenly homeless-esque state) helped scare people off. Our group made our way home on the Subway (after slight confusion and getting on the wrong train, we figured it out) and rallied from four and a half hours of sleep to get in line for the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday. My roommate had extra tickets and was kind enough to invite me. We were on our feet from about 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM, but it was worth it, because we had an awesome time. I got to see: Major Lazer, Cat Stevens, Chris Martin, Usher, Ellie Goulding, Yandel, Metallica, Kendrick Lamar (THE BEST OF THEM ALL), and Rihanna. Bill Nye the science guy even made an appearance, so I guess you could say that all of my dreams came true. I can count the number of concerts I’ve attended┬ábefore this on one hand (Taylor Swift, Night Riots, Def Leppard, and Fitz and the Tantrums–quite the range) so this was truly a special experience!!


Afterwards, I had an incredible adventure. I say incredible ironically, though, because after the Festival, my phone died, and I got separated from the rest of my group in the midst of the crowd. I figured it’d be easier to just meet them at the dorm then to try and fight the crowd to find them, so I ventured off with some pep in my step, still humming some Rihanna as I basked in post-concert euphoria. However, I soon snapped out of my reverie, as I apparently made a wrong turn out of the concert and ended up on 85th East (I live on the West side). I ended up asking a buffed and tatted cop who looked like he could kill me for directions. So I went a walking along and things began looking familiar, but I realized I was still kind of far, so I thought I’d take a shortcut…through Central Park…at night…alone. I thought that there’d be tons of other concert-goers, but where I was going it was actually disturbingly empty. I got pretty creeped out and exited after a little while, but somehow ended up back on the East Side (the city is a grid, how do I manage to get so lost??). So, tired and with my tail between my legs, I flapped my hand about weakly in a sorry attempt to hail a cab (people don’t bother me in NYC because I look like one of the crazy people that everyone is trying to avoid). Eventually I did end up hailing one and returned safe and sound back to school. What should have been a twenty minute walk back took me about an hour, but I made it, and that’s a win in my book (I like to set the bar low).

Finally, Monday night I took my roommate to see the live taping of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The first week of school we were emailed about the opportunity and I pounced on it (plus, they’re FREE!!) and got two┬áGeneral Admission tickets! We walked to the Ed Sullivan Theatre (British spelling because I’m so sophisticated) around 7, an hour before they’d start letting people in. We got in line and there were only about 30 people ahead of us. The wait flew by and we were soon stamped with Colbert’s face and were given a number that turned out to be irrelevant (they just kind of sat us wherever was available) before sending us to go wait in a nearby bar (I ordered a Shirley Temple, like the naughty little minx I am), where they’d pick us up after checking everyone in.

After they got us, we were placed in the last row on the first level, which turned out to be great seats, since we could see the whole stage and weren’t blocked by cameras when the show started. Since it was the night of the first Presidential debate, they had it playing on monitors for the entire audience to see. It was so much fun to watch it with a big crowd. It was entertaining, but also slightly scary because this is apparently┬áreal life and actually happening, but I don’t want to get too controversial on here (we’ll save that for November(: ). Soon after the debate/circus ended, a hilarious hype man came out (Paul Mercurio, look him up) and warmed up the crowd.

Then the man, the myth, the legend, THE Stephen Colbert (I┬áshould’ve been the hype man!) came out on the stage! This was before the show even actually started. He did a Q and A with what time he had before he had to go on air for the Late Show’s first live show in a month, and then we were off. The night flew by and it was an overall incredible experience. I now┬áreally┬áwant to get to intern for that show. I hope they still take me even though I may have bombed my French test yesterday (mon Dieu, pardonnez moi!). ­čÖé Have a great weekend, everyone.


P.S. I did not know where to put this picture, nor do I have any context to explain it, but I just believe that it needed to be shared: