New Adventures: Chapter 1

HAPPY 16th ANNIVERSARY OF GILMORE GIRLS, EVERYONE! Today, in honor of this most glorious holiday (and to add extra hype–as if it needed any more–to the Gilmore revival coming to Netflix on Black Friday), 200 coffee shops across America transformed into the famous Luke’s Diner from 7 AM to 12 PM, giving free coffees to the first 250 customers.

It was GREAT, almost like bringing this dream world I’ve absolutely loved being a part of for these past almost 8 months (I started after my surgery and it truly gave me the strength to go on. Haha, THANKS MOM!) to life. Of course, it was a coffee shop, not a diner, so it didn’t really look like Luke’s, but the baristas wore backwards “Luke’s Diner” baseball caps, flannel shirts, and aprons with the “Luke’s” logo, which was plenty for me. I got a Luke’s Diner sleeve on my coffee cup (which is not hanging in all its glory on my dorm wall–the sleeve, not the cup!). 

I walked 1.5 miles to get to a Central Ground Coffee on the east side, only to be met by a line stretching all the way around the block. But was I deterred? Of course not, I’d do anything for Gilmore Girls (especially anything for Milo Ventimiglia, aka Jess, because I love him)! So I just found a new one! It was completely worth the two mile walk, let me tell you! Now if only November 25 would hurry up and get here already! 

I also went to the YMCA and ended up playing basketball with a few guys for about two hours, and right after, I went to my second Stove’s (our school’s comedy club) meeting. Those two things in conjunction really lifted my spirits and made what was already a good day even better. Let’s keep this up (and continue to fight the freshman 15, which I have not forgotten about, although if you see me, it may look like I have 😄). 

Behold my pictures! 

There it is, a beacon of home shining in the distance: 

Believe it or not, this was the much shorter line:


As a narcisstic young youth, it was inevitable that I’d take a selfie to brag about something few people actually knew or cared about (doesn’t my half-face look randiant?):

LUKE IS HERE!! He has aged well and looks as stiff as usual (that was a joke! Because he’s a cardboard cutout? *Crickets* Bad joke, got it). I wholeheartedly agree with the no man bun rule!

Time for the artsy shot that simultaneously shows off that yes, I still live in NYC:

An intimate moment shared between coffee cup and female (may not be suitable for young children to see):

Have a great night, everyone! 

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