I’m horrible at posting regularly but I hope my charmisma and winning personality make up for it

The title says it all, folks. I know it’s been a while, you know I’m sorry. But I have much to share so I hope all is forgiven until I accidentally neglect you again. Without further ado, let’s take a look back at these last few weeks!

Two weekends ago it was family weekend at school, and my parents came to visit! I was so happy to see them, and as soon as I walked towards their hotel, I became overcome with emotion. It was my first time seeing them in person since they dropped me off for school. Although I am happy, I really have missed my family and friends. Getting to spend that weekend with them was so bittersweet. We had a great time but saying bye was tough. But now I’m even more excited to come home for Thanksgiving break!! 

Thanks for sniping me, Mom:
P.S. Not having to pay for my meals for a weekend turned out to be awful. I ate like a wildabeast. Now I look like one. SOS. 

… but how does one say no to chicken and waffles?! 
This past weekend, I ice skated with my friend (a former serious figure skater!) in Bryant Park’s Winter Village, which has been open for a little under a week. I sucked but she was very kind and patient! Apparently my flinstone feet are too wide for ice skates, what a darn shame. My NHL career is looking less and less likely these days. 

Later that day, my roommate and I traveled to Brooklyn to see the New York Islanders (boo!) play the Toronto Maple Leafs (meh). I have really missed hockey and being there was cool, but it wasn’t really close to the atmosphere in Pittsburgh. Maybe it was because they were playing the Lowly Leafs. Maybe it’s because our team is the reigning Stanley Cup Champ. Who knows. But I do know that Penguins fans do it right… however I do concede that the Islanders goal celebration was really fun (see video).  

​I would see a Rangers game… if I was a billionaire. I want to go inside of MSG but not badly enough that I’d shell out $100 for the worst seats in the house just to see the Rangers play Phoenix (yes, Phénix has a hockey team, and yes, they charge you that much even to see a team like the Coyotes, who have the worst record in the league)​. Lord, help me find a job that can get me into Madison Square Garden (as a spectator, to be clear). Amen. 
Lastly, Halloween was two days ago. Can you believe it’s the second day of November already?! Me neither! But it is, so please stop playing the Christmas music, THERE IS A HOLIDAY IN BETWEEN CHRISTMAS AND HALLOWEEN. And it’s delicious. But before we focus on Thanksgiving, let us take a moment of silence for Halloween 2016 and remember it fondly. 

I was Buddy the Elf. I took these pictures myself and did not go out, since I had an early morning class the next day. I hope these look more candid and less sad than they really are. I should probably have kept that to myself but what can I say, I’ve got a knack for embarrassing myself, especially public (for example, when I was ice skating, I almost face-planted several times). Plus, I’m still convinced under 10 people read this, so no damage done. 

Happy November, everyone! 


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