You Probably Forgot I Had a Blog 

Hello conflicted people of America (chill guys, I won’t get political, let’s all be friends). As usual, the time since my last post has made you wonder a mixture of “Is she dead?” and “meh”. Thank you for your concern, friends. I am alive and well (I actually just got a flu shot today so I’m basically immortal) and here to report my recent adventures in NYC. 

Two weeks ago was Conan O’Brien’s last show in NYC at the Apollo Theatre before he returned to LA (boo). My mom loves Conan and suggested that I do whatever I could to see him live. So, I figured, “hey, I’ll go by myself, because who needs human interaction, RIGHT?!”. JK, I went alone because I figured it’d be the easiest way to get a ticket. And guess what, it was! I got off of the waitlist and went to the show! It was incredible to be in the historical Apollo Theatre and see Matthew Broderick, Conan, Andy, Nick Kroll And John Mulaney, Tracy Morgan, and a live camel (the true star of the night). Sigh, I want to work on TV so badly!! I’ll be Andy’s co-sidekick, it’ll be great. 

Here are some images from random walks (I went to Riverside Park for the first time last Wednesday, it’s SO NICE! And so many cute dawgs, I’ll definitely be returning 😎):

Ball is life, ma homies:

Catching the performance “ASSSSSCAT” at UCB Theatre 🙂 

An image from the finish line (THEY WOULDN’T LET ME ANY CLOSER, OKAY?!) at the NYC Marathon. These people are incredible and so inspirational! 

I hear that just living in this building puts you at risk for diabetes (that was a joke, just FYI. You know a joke is great when you have to explain it after. Yay 4 comedy😭): 
I saw the women’s basketball team at my school play their home opener. It was great and they won!!! I wanted so badly to jump on the floor and start playing though, to which they would have said, “Get off the hardwood, fatty!”. I miss basketball so much! I joined an intramural team, though, and I cannot wait to start playing. I will probably be the person who takes it too seriously (BALL IS LIFE, I can’t say it enough. Also, YOLO), but I can’t help it, it’s my first time playing in a game since my injury and I am soooo happy. Don’t know when we start though. 

Lastly, but the best thing of all, I was able to reconnect with friends from high school over the weekend!! They came up from their perspective schools and we reunited to take the Big City. It was amazing to see them and perfect because I won’t have time to miss them. Thanksgiving break is in a week and one day, after all! I am BEYOND excited to come home from college for the first time  (Fall Break? Never heard of it). One of the first things I’ll do is visit the brand new gym at my old high school (not a joke, a dream about this new court. It’s COLLEGE SIZED!! I might kiss the floor, I’m that excited) and of course see my family and friends! I love Thanksgiving. It is a disrespected holiday, overlooked due to Christmas and Black Friday, that NOW starts on Thanksgiving itself (inexcusable, people). Also the Gilmore Girls revival is coming, Black Friday!! If it doesn’t live up to the hype, I’ll be very sad (great threat). I’m going to try to go on a few more adventures before Thanksgiving Break, and actually post about them in a timely fashion, too.

Have a great week everyone, and happy Monday 🙂

Friends (photographic proof):

City nights and pretty nights (I’m a poet):

What a view! 

If I hang out at Columbia everyday, maybe they’ll just give up and accept me as one of their own:

My first (peaceful) protest!! My favorite part was chanting clever rhymes. 

Fall is beautiful!!!

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