Yo I’m Back and It’s December!

Hello world!! Did you miss me?! …No? Okay well, that’s cool, I appreciate the honesty (*cries softly in corner*)! It has been over a fortnight (sometimes I like to sound like Abraham Lincoln, ’cause he’s so cool! He rocks a top hat like no other) since my last post, so I figured I’d give my adoring fans (hi mom and dad!) what they’ve been craving by writing a new one. 

So hey. What’s happened since I last posted? Well, Thanksgiving break. Some highlights from that:

  • Going home
  • Seeing family and friends
  • Food (mom, I miss your cooking every day)
  • Getting fatter!! NICE.
  • Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix! Was pretty good, but I was disappointed because THERE WASN’T ENOUGH JESS. I love you, Milo Ventimiglia. 
  • And obviously best of all, seeing the brand new gym at my old high school and getting to defeat my friend on the basketball court. I’ve got my priorities straight, people. 
  • Gotta love the 11:15 PM Megabus. I watched a Gilmore Girls episode for every hour I slept (three).

    My family made me this sign! They’re the best!

  • When your friends tell the Eat n Park people that it’s your birthday (when it’s not for another 5 months) so all the waitresses sing happy birthday to you. Embarrassing but hilarious, and I got free pie. Thanks guys ❤

I’m excited to come home for winter break and see my family!! Sorry I haven’t posted since leaving for Thanksgiving break, my friends. Things got hectic and time flew by. But now time has come to a screeching halt because it’s Finals Week(s), so rather than study, im writing this post! JUST KIDDING, I’m studying (Mom and Dad, I swear!), see:

Only half way done though. HA HA HA kill me.

I’m clearly having a ball over here (I’ve shut myself in the same room by myself for the past four and a half hours. I’ve already started seeing double, someone save me)! 

Well, since I’m stalling/taking a break from studying, here are some other things I’ve done since my last post: 

  • Went to the Tree Lighting in Rockefeller Center with friends. ​I stood through the pouring rain, just so I could hear the angelic voice of Josh Groban for a few blissful minutes (THAT MAN CAN SING). Oh, and right, of course, I waited through all of that for a few hours so I could see the tree! And it was worth it! When it rained, all of the quitters left (HA) so I got to move up a bit and get a nice view of the tree. Check out the video of it lighting up! So pretty, definitely worth the wait. 
  • I was able to see my good friend from my basketball team be a part of the Division One basketball team she walked onto. It’s like knowing a celebrity!!
  • Saw some beautiful holiday decorations while walking around the City!
  • I saw this in a book
  • I saw a drunk guy stumbling around the sidewalk and yelling random things (he seemed like a cool dude) and I was in a subway car when someone pooped in it (everyone in the car covered their noses as we were trapped in a closed space with this stench. Everyone got out at the next stop. A true New York insider experience!). Good times.
  • I met up with my cousin for breakfast when he came to visit and interview for a job. I hope he gets it, because he’s AWESOME!
  • My mom sent me this picture of my cat
  • High school basketball season started. This made me realize how fast a year has gone! So much has happened, it’s been a heck of a ride. I miss basketball, though. 
  • I went to see my first ever opera. I saw Salome at the Met Opera Houss. The Met is beautiful and all of the actors and actresses were so talented! But it was really weird… This was the plot (spoiler alert):

Salome: Hey, I want to kiss you.

Jochaanan: No, go away you daughter of a ho! 

Salome: K, whatever. (*proceeds to do a strip tease for her step-father, the King of wherever the heck they were, that lasts way too long. It’s like 10 uncomfortable minutes that end with you seeing this woman’s BARE FRONT. My eyes!!! I glanced around to see if the people around me were as shocked as me, but apparently this is normal?  But anyway after the strip tease, What Salome asks for is…) Tetrach, I want the head of Jochaanan!

Tetrach (the step-dad): What?! Girl you’re NUTS! 


Tetrach: okay FINE! 

Salome then proceeds to kiss a disembodied head, then criticizes it for having its eyes closed and not having nice hair (what is this girl’s deal?!). 

And that is basically all of Salome. It was truly a memorable experience, that’s for sure!

  • PS I am broke, wire me money 

And that’s where I am now!!! Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone as they finish Finals, tests, and their jobs before the holiday season. Freedom is near!!