Goodbye Freedom, I Hardly Knew You: The Second Semester Begins

I have been in my second semester back at college for a week now but it feels like forever since I tasted the sweet freedom of Winter Break. Having no schoolwork to do, no specific time to wake up, and did I mention no schoolwork? It was heaven, man! The three weeks I was home flew by (although they probably did not for family, as they seemed pretty ready to stay goodbye after I’d been home for almost a month…why weren’t they sobbing and begging me not to go?!) and it was really fun getting to see family and friends and just relax.

I love Pittsburgh and being home just made me happy. I think my family is the best in the world, so it made me happy to get to spend so much time with them. I even exercised regularly, which is pretty wild, so it was clearly an exciting break all around. Of course now, I’ve gone back to not to regular exercise, but baby steps. I think what I missed most about college while I was away were the omelettes. Oh and my friends, of course. They’re tied with the omelettes. I mean, what’s better than a daily omelette bar?! Plus, everything is better when you don’t have to make it or clean up after it yourself (I’m realizing that this is not a great motto to live by, but You live and learn. I like talking in clichés. In this post, I sound like I have ADD but when I asked my mom if I actually have ADD she said I’m “borderline”–is that a yes or no??–so I don’t know why I’m all over the place, but I apologize for my stream of consciousness. I think the task of trying to cover the month I haven’t written about is just a bit daunting).

I visited my old high school for the first (and probably last time because if I keep coming back, it’ll/I’ll get really old and weird, really fast) time, and it was really nice to go back and see the teachers that inspired me and my old friends, as well. I saw a Penguin’s game (we won, obviously) and was involved in a bit of a fender bender (not my first…or second) which was embarrassing and scary (angry mom and das=sad Maddy) but my friend saved the day and fixed the car (he was also the one to dent it, all’s well that ends well–GAH WHY CAN’T I STOP SPEAKING IN CLICHÉS?!).

Something I don’t get to really do when I’m at school is go to see movies at the theatre, because they’re time consuming and expensive, but at home I saw “Why Him?” (good), “Office Christmas Party” (better), “Hidden Figures” (a lot better), and “La La Land” (BEST!!!!). I like popcorn and soft chairs, so these experiences were very beautiful to me and I’ll treasure them always.

Is it obvious that I don’t proofread these posts and that I write them according to whatever thought comes off the top of my head? I apologize if this doesn’t make sense but I hope that you can at least find some entertainment in this jumble of words that I like to call my blog. For now, please enjoy some photos depicting the last month for me, I’ll be writing again soon (I swear!)!

  • My Improv 101 Class at UCB after our graduation performance (12/18/16). I sucked pretty badly but it was still a lot of fun! And for anyone being like “She’s just saying she was bad in an attempt to seem humble,” you are WRONG: on the way to my show, I was incredibly nervous. As I was leaving my school, this random boy (probably 12 or 13 years old) comes up to me on the sidewalk and offers me a high five. I was so excited because I love high fives (who doesn’t?!), but when I went to high five him, he dabbed in my face and ran away. I felt extremely sad and embarrassed (and angry–kids today SUCK!) but I laughed and told myself that nothing I do on stage will BE as embarrassing as that… but then in the show, our suggestion was politics, and before I knew it, I started a scene doing a horrible Donald Trump impression and could not turn back (I’m still scarred, why would I think this was a good idea??). So I’ve definitely done better, but I had fun and enjoyed my 8 weeks taking the class. Also, my mom drove 6 hours (on the day before her birthday!!!) to come to NYC and see my weak improv performance, which may be the kindest and most surprising (she never told me she was coming, I had no idea!!) thing anyone’s ever done for me. Good times. 
  • Here are some of images I edited and then put in my final project for computer science (we had to code our own website advertising a fake gym using HTML and JavaScript). Before you judge me and think this is weird, I got an A in the class (probably because the teacher was terrified of me?) so HA! I’m not crazy!
  • Annual New Years Eve dinner at the Capitol Grille. An hour after this photo was taken, I entered into a deadly food coma (the food was all so good, I just couldn’t bear to let anything go to waste!! Sound logic, RIGHT?), it’s a miracle I’m still alive.
  • Brought in the new year (Happy 2017! Kind of a weird number but I feel like this is gonna be a really really good year, a billion times better than 2016!) by skiing for the first time in four years. It was a lot of fun and went really well (knee felt great the whole time), but the fact that there were only three slopes (it was like 50 degrees that day, hahaha) meant that things got boring pretty fast. Still was lots of fun and I hope to go again soon (probably won’t get to till next year, it’s been one warm winter!).

    More grass than snow 😥

  • Our Christmas tree, a mere hour before it was thrown outside for the garbage men to whisk away, never to be seen again. 
  • Celebrated being back in good ol’ NYC by going to the New Musuem (it was my first time there and I really reccomend it, it’s really cool and unique and interesting!!) with my best friends from school. Bought Matcha Tea (it’s Japanese) at this cute place called “Cha Cha Matcha” not far from the Museum. I recommend going there as well!!

  • My stand up comedy set from my school comedy club’s first show of the semester. I was very nervous but the crowd was very kind. I wonder if it’s because I paid them all beforehand to laugh? Just kidding, I’M BROKE!
  • I wanted to visit the One World Trade Center this past Saturday, and was supposed to go to the top, but unfortunately it was so foggy that there was zero visibility so it would’ve been a waste of $34. But no worries, I’m going back this Saturday and hope this time there’s perfect weather! Can’t wait to share the pictures with you!
  • Now you’re all caught up, NICE! Write to ya soon, have a wonderful day!



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