Weeks 2 and 3 Recap


I didn’t write last week, and for that I deeply apologize. Last Sunday I did an architecture cruise of Chicago that kind of blew my mind (THIS CITY IS SO BEAUTIFUL) but also left me with a headache from all the cool buildings and facts about the buildings I was taking in for the 2 hour ride, so I didn’t feel too much like writing, I guess! Being in improv classes 24 hours a week and then seeings shows most days on top of that has left me with way less free time than I was expecting, and so I haven’t gotten to explore the city or do super Chicago-y things yet.

Here’s what I have done:

  • Visit the Bean
  • Go on boat cruise
  • Eat a lot of quesadillas
  • Walk around Chicago a little
  • Improv

Here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Cubs game
  • Go to any museum, the conservatory, or the zoo
  • Eat deep dish pizza
  • Walk around Chicago more
  • The SNL experience

I think, with the 11 days I have left (with just 3 of those being non-improv days, though) that this should be pretty doable! Time is flying by and I’m really gonna miss Chicago and the friends I’ve made here, but I’m trying not to think that far ahead 🙂

I guess this isn’t much of a recap, but no one wants to read a novel-long post anyway so I’m gonna add some pictures below for you to peruse and then call it a day. This week will be dedicated to accomplishing everything on my bucket list, so I’ll let you know if that happens! Thanks for reading, and have a delightful day.


Chicago is cool and also apparently has their own flag. It is pretty much everywhere you turn. I thought it was the flag to another country until someone told me it was in fact, Chicago’s flag. I am very dumb. 


This looks like a nice place to sit.


It’s crazy how having a train above ground makes it feel so much cleaner. Almost too clean… Like, where are all the rats?! I miss them. 


Our group photo at the end of Week 2 with our wonderful teacher, Emily. What a great group of people.


Out of all the many places I’ve eaten quesadillas from, this place has gotta be my favorite. Not only did they humbly label themselves as the #2 Taco and Burrito Palace (which sets the bar just low enough for you to be pleasantly surprised), but they also have chicken quesadillas for $3.50 — so frickin cheap!! So cheap you can’t help but wonder, “what’s wrong with it?” But there’s nothing wrong. Because this place is amazing. 


I love improv and being social with all my friends.


The Beaaaaaannnn! 


Sometimes I don’t eat quesadillas, and when I don’t, I make sure it’s the least healthy food I can find. I swear I didn’t eat this by myself. 


Section 7 looking just as stunning as last week. This is post-week 3, with our cool teacher, John. We had fun.


Me and my pals Kati and Cam formed our own group, Mamma Mia 3, after seeing Mamma Mia 2 together a week and a half ago and being inspired by its mediocrity. We bought matching Del Close shirts and performed an 8 minute set on the giant and cold (it’s freezing up there, seriously) Mission Theater stage. I tend to get really anxious about performing, but it’s crazy how fun it can be when you’re up there with friends you can be crazy with. Shoutout to our Week 2 teacher, Emily, for coaching us to help with our performance 🙂

Hello From Improv Camp!

Was that the saddest/lamest headline you’ve ever read? Probably. I know that every time someone has asked me what I’m doing this summer, I have burnt bright red with embarrassment, muttering my grand plans of being unemployed, taking a summer class, going to improv camp, and maybe getting hired for a Fall internship if I wish on a star hard enough/send enough desperate emails.


But here’s the truth: I am actually NOT embarrassed to be at improv camp because I paid to be here myself (now I am BROKE, ha ha who knew it cost so frickin much to learn how to make things up?) and am having a great time. I’m doing the five week iO summer intensive in Chicago, and can’t believe that the first week has already come and gone.


I was really nervous to be here and living in an Airbnb and going to a camp with no one I know. And if you know me well, you know I DEFINITELY sobbed in my little room as soon as my parents dropped me off (I did it in solitude though, like a REAL adult). But my group is awesome and full of super cool and funny people from around the world, and I feel like I’m getting better at improv and getting out of my comfort zone in general, so I’m really happy to be here and grateful for my family and friends for supporting me so that I can do stuff like this 🙂


Some non-improv highlights of this week have been beginning my marathon training plan, running a 6k along Lake Michigan with two cool cats from my iO section, spending time with my family in Chi-Town before they left, makin’ friends and hanging out with people from my section, getting dinner and seeing a show at Second City with the incredible women of the Henry family, and eating ice cream on a hot day.

Chicago is a great city and the people here are very nice. I like their pizza a lot.

The only lowlights (is that the right term? I mean if there are highlights, it makes sense to have lowlights, don’t you think? FRICK, I should know this, I’m an English major [that will be the exact title of my memoir, by the way]!) were getting ravaged and burnt by the sun at the beach, and finding out that my Airbnb doesn’t have cable television. All-in-all, not bad!

It’s been a rockin’ Week 1. I don’t know if anyone really reads these posts of mine, but if you are one of my few fans (i.e. a member of my family), I’m sorry I never really write stuff for this blog, but I’ll try to update every Sunday to recap the week while I’m here in Chicago. Thanks for reading and also, Mom and Dad, I swear I’ll be rakin’ in the dough and employed as soon as I’m back in NYC so PLEASE DON’T WORRY!

Thanks for reading, have a great week!





chitown room.jpeg