Near the End

I’ve been talking about coming full circle a lot lately, especially in regards to this improv intensive. For example, I started this thing 5 weeks ago with no lunchbox. Then I went to Whole Foods and bought a lunchbox — it was pretty good, it served its purpose, I enjoyed using it. But today I lost it. So now I’m ending just like I started — no lunchbox. See, full circle, it’s deep stuff (and it’s actually not even a big deal because I can’t even pack my lunch anymore anyway. My cheese went moldy like 3 days ago and I’ve just been ripping off the bad parts and eating the rest, it honestly can’t be safe or healthy).

I’m coming down to the wire. Only two full days left in Chicago and then I’m gone. I’m still in shock about how quickly this thing flew by, and even though I’m sad about this thing ending, I’m also feeling really content. Everything I hoped to do during these past 5 weeks, I more or less have. Over the weekend, I was able to do everything I wrote about wanting to do in my last post (except for the SNL experience, but I can just watch a documentary about that or something).

I saw the Cubs lose (that’s what we want, baby, LET’S GO PIRATES!!)! Fun fun fun fun fun!



I stuffed my face with some sweet, sweet deep dish (I was sharing this with people, I swear) and even ate a salad (the latter is not pictured but you’re just gonna have to believe me)


I sweat my butt off in the Lincoln Park Conservatory


And I watched the Koolaid Man do unspeakable things at the Museum of Contemporary Art


I got to check out the rich Mexican history¬†and culture (and baller food!!) of Chicago’s neighborhood, Pilsen


Went back to the beach one last time


Got to be goofy with some amazing people


And just in general discovered some pretty cool things about Chicago and myself




The weekend was pretty perfect, and this intensive has been, too. In three days time, I’ll be back home where I started; Everything is starting to come full circle.

I really hope I find my lunchbox, though. It wasn’t cheap (damn you, Whole Foods). Also, moldy cheese honestly isn’t that bad.


Thanks for reading!