The Night Before

I’m annoyed because my body is betraying me.

The logical part of my mind reassures me, rationally, that “you’re FINE, dumbo. You’ve been wanting to do this for years! You’ve been looking forward to this. And it is gonna be good and worth it, for better or for worse.” And yet the face looking back at me in the mirror is tear-stained and creased from overthinking.

Also somehow, somewhere in between watching two movies with my parents and shoving a sizable piece of my mom’s homemade chocolate cake (the best you’ll ever have) into my mouth, I seem to have acquired a cut on my cheek and I’m worried it’ll scare off potential friends.

It’s the night before I leave to study abroad and my brain and body are rebelling. These past few nights it’s been tough to sleep. Last night I dreamt that I forgot all of my money, got on the plane, then was late to my first day of class because I couldn’t find the room. It was kinda scary and all stuff that could maybe happen… but so what if it does?

Whether my luggage disappears as I’m en route to my final destination, or I’m lost in a city I don’t know with no cell service or family members to fall back on, or even if a kangaroo cracks my leg in two, I’m gonna be fine (well, maybe not for a while if the kangaroo thing happens, but you know, I’d heal eventually).

Studying abroad is nerve wracking but also a thrilling opportunity that’s swelling with openness and possibility. So even though I don’t know what’s gonna happen, or how I’ll survive 24 hours in a plane without getting major jet lag, or fend off potential kangaroo assailants, I do know that it’s all gonna be worth it. And I’m excited. And also fully willing to submit to the kangaroo if on some off chance it does want to fight me.

Thanks for the opportunity, mom and dad, and to family and friends for your support. Australia, here I come!

Near the End

I’ve been talking about coming full circle a lot lately, especially in regards to this improv intensive. For example, I started this thing 5 weeks ago with no lunchbox. Then I went to Whole Foods and bought a lunchbox — it was pretty good, it served its purpose, I enjoyed using it. But today I lost it. So now I’m ending just like I started — no lunchbox. See, full circle, it’s deep stuff (and it’s actually not even a big deal because I can’t even pack my lunch anymore anyway. My cheese went moldy like 3 days ago and I’ve just been ripping off the bad parts and eating the rest, it honestly can’t be safe or healthy).

I’m coming down to the wire. Only two full days left in Chicago and then I’m gone. I’m still in shock about how quickly this thing flew by, and even though I’m sad about this thing ending, I’m also feeling really content. Everything I hoped to do during these past 5 weeks, I more or less have. Over the weekend, I was able to do everything I wrote about wanting to do in my last post (except for the SNL experience, but I can just watch a documentary about that or something).

I saw the Cubs lose (that’s what we want, baby, LET’S GO PIRATES!!)! Fun fun fun fun fun!



I stuffed my face with some sweet, sweet deep dish (I was sharing this with people, I swear) and even ate a salad (the latter is not pictured but you’re just gonna have to believe me)


I sweat my butt off in the Lincoln Park Conservatory


And I watched the Koolaid Man do unspeakable things at the Museum of Contemporary Art


I got to check out the rich Mexican history and culture (and baller food!!) of Chicago’s neighborhood, Pilsen


Went back to the beach one last time


Got to be goofy with some amazing people


And just in general discovered some pretty cool things about Chicago and myself




The weekend was pretty perfect, and this intensive has been, too. In three days time, I’ll be back home where I started; Everything is starting to come full circle.

I really hope I find my lunchbox, though. It wasn’t cheap (damn you, Whole Foods). Also, moldy cheese honestly isn’t that bad.


Thanks for reading!

Weeks 2 and 3 Recap


I didn’t write last week, and for that I deeply apologize. Last Sunday I did an architecture cruise of Chicago that kind of blew my mind (THIS CITY IS SO BEAUTIFUL) but also left me with a headache from all the cool buildings and facts about the buildings I was taking in for the 2 hour ride, so I didn’t feel too much like writing, I guess! Being in improv classes 24 hours a week and then seeings shows most days on top of that has left me with way less free time than I was expecting, and so I haven’t gotten to explore the city or do super Chicago-y things yet.

Here’s what I have done:

  • Visit the Bean
  • Go on boat cruise
  • Eat a lot of quesadillas
  • Walk around Chicago a little
  • Improv

Here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Cubs game
  • Go to any museum, the conservatory, or the zoo
  • Eat deep dish pizza
  • Walk around Chicago more
  • The SNL experience

I think, with the 11 days I have left (with just 3 of those being non-improv days, though) that this should be pretty doable! Time is flying by and I’m really gonna miss Chicago and the friends I’ve made here, but I’m trying not to think that far ahead 🙂

I guess this isn’t much of a recap, but no one wants to read a novel-long post anyway so I’m gonna add some pictures below for you to peruse and then call it a day. This week will be dedicated to accomplishing everything on my bucket list, so I’ll let you know if that happens! Thanks for reading, and have a delightful day.


Chicago is cool and also apparently has their own flag. It is pretty much everywhere you turn. I thought it was the flag to another country until someone told me it was in fact, Chicago’s flag. I am very dumb. 


This looks like a nice place to sit.


It’s crazy how having a train above ground makes it feel so much cleaner. Almost too clean… Like, where are all the rats?! I miss them. 


Our group photo at the end of Week 2 with our wonderful teacher, Emily. What a great group of people.


Out of all the many places I’ve eaten quesadillas from, this place has gotta be my favorite. Not only did they humbly label themselves as the #2 Taco and Burrito Palace (which sets the bar just low enough for you to be pleasantly surprised), but they also have chicken quesadillas for $3.50 — so frickin cheap!! So cheap you can’t help but wonder, “what’s wrong with it?” But there’s nothing wrong. Because this place is amazing. 


I love improv and being social with all my friends.


The Beaaaaaannnn! 


Sometimes I don’t eat quesadillas, and when I don’t, I make sure it’s the least healthy food I can find. I swear I didn’t eat this by myself. 


Section 7 looking just as stunning as last week. This is post-week 3, with our cool teacher, John. We had fun.


Me and my pals Kati and Cam formed our own group, Mamma Mia 3, after seeing Mamma Mia 2 together a week and a half ago and being inspired by its mediocrity. We bought matching Del Close shirts and performed an 8 minute set on the giant and cold (it’s freezing up there, seriously) Mission Theater stage. I tend to get really anxious about performing, but it’s crazy how fun it can be when you’re up there with friends you can be crazy with. Shoutout to our Week 2 teacher, Emily, for coaching us to help with our performance 🙂

Hello From Improv Camp!

Was that the saddest/lamest headline you’ve ever read? Probably. I know that every time someone has asked me what I’m doing this summer, I have burnt bright red with embarrassment, muttering my grand plans of being unemployed, taking a summer class, going to improv camp, and maybe getting hired for a Fall internship if I wish on a star hard enough/send enough desperate emails.


But here’s the truth: I am actually NOT embarrassed to be at improv camp because I paid to be here myself (now I am BROKE, ha ha who knew it cost so frickin much to learn how to make things up?) and am having a great time. I’m doing the five week iO summer intensive in Chicago, and can’t believe that the first week has already come and gone.


I was really nervous to be here and living in an Airbnb and going to a camp with no one I know. And if you know me well, you know I DEFINITELY sobbed in my little room as soon as my parents dropped me off (I did it in solitude though, like a REAL adult). But my group is awesome and full of super cool and funny people from around the world, and I feel like I’m getting better at improv and getting out of my comfort zone in general, so I’m really happy to be here and grateful for my family and friends for supporting me so that I can do stuff like this 🙂


Some non-improv highlights of this week have been beginning my marathon training plan, running a 6k along Lake Michigan with two cool cats from my iO section, spending time with my family in Chi-Town before they left, makin’ friends and hanging out with people from my section, getting dinner and seeing a show at Second City with the incredible women of the Henry family, and eating ice cream on a hot day.

Chicago is a great city and the people here are very nice. I like their pizza a lot.

The only lowlights (is that the right term? I mean if there are highlights, it makes sense to have lowlights, don’t you think? FRICK, I should know this, I’m an English major [that will be the exact title of my memoir, by the way]!) were getting ravaged and burnt by the sun at the beach, and finding out that my Airbnb doesn’t have cable television. All-in-all, not bad!

It’s been a rockin’ Week 1. I don’t know if anyone really reads these posts of mine, but if you are one of my few fans (i.e. a member of my family), I’m sorry I never really write stuff for this blog, but I’ll try to update every Sunday to recap the week while I’m here in Chicago. Thanks for reading and also, Mom and Dad, I swear I’ll be rakin’ in the dough and employed as soon as I’m back in NYC so PLEASE DON’T WORRY!

Thanks for reading, have a great week!





chitown room.jpeg





This Still Exists

Hello. I haven’t written in like half a year, but I am still paying for the URL so I’ve decided to get my money’s worth (and give the fans — hi mom and dad — what they want). So this is just a quick lil post to say that hello, this website is still a thing, and I will be using it again. If ya care. Cool! Okay! Happy October, everyone!

That’s all.

sassy mad hatter

Goodbye Freedom, I Hardly Knew You: The Second Semester Begins

I have been in my second semester back at college for a week now but it feels like forever since I tasted the sweet freedom of Winter Break. Having no schoolwork to do, no specific time to wake up, and did I mention no schoolwork? It was heaven, man! The three weeks I was home flew by (although they probably did not for family, as they seemed pretty ready to stay goodbye after I’d been home for almost a month…why weren’t they sobbing and begging me not to go?!) and it was really fun getting to see family and friends and just relax.

I love Pittsburgh and being home just made me happy. I think my family is the best in the world, so it made me happy to get to spend so much time with them. I even exercised regularly, which is pretty wild, so it was clearly an exciting break all around. Of course now, I’ve gone back to not to regular exercise, but baby steps. I think what I missed most about college while I was away were the omelettes. Oh and my friends, of course. They’re tied with the omelettes. I mean, what’s better than a daily omelette bar?! Plus, everything is better when you don’t have to make it or clean up after it yourself (I’m realizing that this is not a great motto to live by, but You live and learn. I like talking in clichés. In this post, I sound like I have ADD but when I asked my mom if I actually have ADD she said I’m “borderline”–is that a yes or no??–so I don’t know why I’m all over the place, but I apologize for my stream of consciousness. I think the task of trying to cover the month I haven’t written about is just a bit daunting).

I visited my old high school for the first (and probably last time because if I keep coming back, it’ll/I’ll get really old and weird, really fast) time, and it was really nice to go back and see the teachers that inspired me and my old friends, as well. I saw a Penguin’s game (we won, obviously) and was involved in a bit of a fender bender (not my first…or second) which was embarrassing and scary (angry mom and das=sad Maddy) but my friend saved the day and fixed the car (he was also the one to dent it, all’s well that ends well–GAH WHY CAN’T I STOP SPEAKING IN CLICHÉS?!).

Something I don’t get to really do when I’m at school is go to see movies at the theatre, because they’re time consuming and expensive, but at home I saw “Why Him?” (good), “Office Christmas Party” (better), “Hidden Figures” (a lot better), and “La La Land” (BEST!!!!). I like popcorn and soft chairs, so these experiences were very beautiful to me and I’ll treasure them always.

Is it obvious that I don’t proofread these posts and that I write them according to whatever thought comes off the top of my head? I apologize if this doesn’t make sense but I hope that you can at least find some entertainment in this jumble of words that I like to call my blog. For now, please enjoy some photos depicting the last month for me, I’ll be writing again soon (I swear!)!

  • My Improv 101 Class at UCB after our graduation performance (12/18/16). I sucked pretty badly but it was still a lot of fun! And for anyone being like “She’s just saying she was bad in an attempt to seem humble,” you are WRONG: on the way to my show, I was incredibly nervous. As I was leaving my school, this random boy (probably 12 or 13 years old) comes up to me on the sidewalk and offers me a high five. I was so excited because I love high fives (who doesn’t?!), but when I went to high five him, he dabbed in my face and ran away. I felt extremely sad and embarrassed (and angry–kids today SUCK!) but I laughed and told myself that nothing I do on stage will BE as embarrassing as that… but then in the show, our suggestion was politics, and before I knew it, I started a scene doing a horrible Donald Trump impression and could not turn back (I’m still scarred, why would I think this was a good idea??). So I’ve definitely done better, but I had fun and enjoyed my 8 weeks taking the class. Also, my mom drove 6 hours (on the day before her birthday!!!) to come to NYC and see my weak improv performance, which may be the kindest and most surprising (she never told me she was coming, I had no idea!!) thing anyone’s ever done for me. Good times. 
  • Here are some of images I edited and then put in my final project for computer science (we had to code our own website advertising a fake gym using HTML and JavaScript). Before you judge me and think this is weird, I got an A in the class (probably because the teacher was terrified of me?) so HA! I’m not crazy!
  • Annual New Years Eve dinner at the Capitol Grille. An hour after this photo was taken, I entered into a deadly food coma (the food was all so good, I just couldn’t bear to let anything go to waste!! Sound logic, RIGHT?), it’s a miracle I’m still alive.
  • Brought in the new year (Happy 2017! Kind of a weird number but I feel like this is gonna be a really really good year, a billion times better than 2016!) by skiing for the first time in four years. It was a lot of fun and went really well (knee felt great the whole time), but the fact that there were only three slopes (it was like 50 degrees that day, hahaha) meant that things got boring pretty fast. Still was lots of fun and I hope to go again soon (probably won’t get to till next year, it’s been one warm winter!).

    More grass than snow 😥

  • Our Christmas tree, a mere hour before it was thrown outside for the garbage men to whisk away, never to be seen again. 
  • Celebrated being back in good ol’ NYC by going to the New Musuem (it was my first time there and I really reccomend it, it’s really cool and unique and interesting!!) with my best friends from school. Bought Matcha Tea (it’s Japanese) at this cute place called “Cha Cha Matcha” not far from the Museum. I recommend going there as well!!

  • My stand up comedy set from my school comedy club’s first show of the semester. I was very nervous but the crowd was very kind. I wonder if it’s because I paid them all beforehand to laugh? Just kidding, I’M BROKE!
  • I wanted to visit the One World Trade Center this past Saturday, and was supposed to go to the top, but unfortunately it was so foggy that there was zero visibility so it would’ve been a waste of $34. But no worries, I’m going back this Saturday and hope this time there’s perfect weather! Can’t wait to share the pictures with you!
  • Now you’re all caught up, NICE! Write to ya soon, have a wonderful day!



Yo I’m Back and It’s December!

Hello world!! Did you miss me?! …No? Okay well, that’s cool, I appreciate the honesty (*cries softly in corner*)! It has been over a fortnight (sometimes I like to sound like Abraham Lincoln, ’cause he’s so cool! He rocks a top hat like no other) since my last post, so I figured I’d give my adoring fans (hi mom and dad!) what they’ve been craving by writing a new one. 

So hey. What’s happened since I last posted? Well, Thanksgiving break. Some highlights from that:

  • Going home
  • Seeing family and friends
  • Food (mom, I miss your cooking every day)
  • Getting fatter!! NICE.
  • Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix! Was pretty good, but I was disappointed because THERE WASN’T ENOUGH JESS. I love you, Milo Ventimiglia. 
  • And obviously best of all, seeing the brand new gym at my old high school and getting to defeat my friend on the basketball court. I’ve got my priorities straight, people. 
  • Gotta love the 11:15 PM Megabus. I watched a Gilmore Girls episode for every hour I slept (three).

    My family made me this sign! They’re the best!

  • When your friends tell the Eat n Park people that it’s your birthday (when it’s not for another 5 months) so all the waitresses sing happy birthday to you. Embarrassing but hilarious, and I got free pie. Thanks guys ❤

I’m excited to come home for winter break and see my family!! Sorry I haven’t posted since leaving for Thanksgiving break, my friends. Things got hectic and time flew by. But now time has come to a screeching halt because it’s Finals Week(s), so rather than study, im writing this post! JUST KIDDING, I’m studying (Mom and Dad, I swear!), see:

Only half way done though. HA HA HA kill me.

I’m clearly having a ball over here (I’ve shut myself in the same room by myself for the past four and a half hours. I’ve already started seeing double, someone save me)! 

Well, since I’m stalling/taking a break from studying, here are some other things I’ve done since my last post: 

  • Went to the Tree Lighting in Rockefeller Center with friends. ​I stood through the pouring rain, just so I could hear the angelic voice of Josh Groban for a few blissful minutes (THAT MAN CAN SING). Oh, and right, of course, I waited through all of that for a few hours so I could see the tree! And it was worth it! When it rained, all of the quitters left (HA) so I got to move up a bit and get a nice view of the tree. Check out the video of it lighting up! So pretty, definitely worth the wait. 
  • I was able to see my good friend from my basketball team be a part of the Division One basketball team she walked onto. It’s like knowing a celebrity!!
  • Saw some beautiful holiday decorations while walking around the City!
  • I saw this in a book
  • I saw a drunk guy stumbling around the sidewalk and yelling random things (he seemed like a cool dude) and I was in a subway car when someone pooped in it (everyone in the car covered their noses as we were trapped in a closed space with this stench. Everyone got out at the next stop. A true New York insider experience!). Good times.
  • I met up with my cousin for breakfast when he came to visit and interview for a job. I hope he gets it, because he’s AWESOME!
  • My mom sent me this picture of my cat
  • High school basketball season started. This made me realize how fast a year has gone! So much has happened, it’s been a heck of a ride. I miss basketball, though. 
  • I went to see my first ever opera. I saw Salome at the Met Opera Houss. The Met is beautiful and all of the actors and actresses were so talented! But it was really weird… This was the plot (spoiler alert):

Salome: Hey, I want to kiss you.

Jochaanan: No, go away you daughter of a ho! 

Salome: K, whatever. (*proceeds to do a strip tease for her step-father, the King of wherever the heck they were, that lasts way too long. It’s like 10 uncomfortable minutes that end with you seeing this woman’s BARE FRONT. My eyes!!! I glanced around to see if the people around me were as shocked as me, but apparently this is normal?  But anyway after the strip tease, What Salome asks for is…) Tetrach, I want the head of Jochaanan!

Tetrach (the step-dad): What?! Girl you’re NUTS! 


Tetrach: okay FINE! 

Salome then proceeds to kiss a disembodied head, then criticizes it for having its eyes closed and not having nice hair (what is this girl’s deal?!). 

And that is basically all of Salome. It was truly a memorable experience, that’s for sure!

  • PS I am broke, wire me money 

And that’s where I am now!!! Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone as they finish Finals, tests, and their jobs before the holiday season. Freedom is near!! 


    Homeward Bound 

    It’s only been a little over a week since my last post (see, I’m getting better) and yet Fall has fallen or whatever (I’m gonna trademark that). The air is crisp and everywhere you look, you can spot a red non-religiously affiliated Starbucks holiday cup. It’s an exciting time of year. 

    Since my last post, I have been trying to do more NYC things and make the most of every free moment before Thanksgiving break. On Thursday, I bought myself an $18 student ticket (this front row seat cost half as much as printer ink, how does that make any sense?!) to the New York Philharmonic. I had never seen a professional orchestra before, so I was excited, but didn’t know what to expect, besides music (duh). I dressed nice and made the long one minute trek across the street to David Geffen Hall to listen to Wagner, Adolphe (a younger, new composer, very talented woman), and Tchaikovsky’s 4th and I definitely got my money’s worth. Although in the first half I thought I might fall asleep (it had been a long day, okay?!), Tchaikovsky woke me up and made my heart beat really fast. I’m serious, never has music made me physically flinch before, that’s how intense it was sometimes. I thought the violists and violinists were going to slice their instruments in half with their bows, they were playing them that hard. It was awesome and I would love to go again soon! 

    The very next night was one I had been anticipating for quite awhile. It was the night the Penguins came to play the Islanders!!! I went with a friend from school (it was her first live hockey game ever! I think I’ve turned her into a Pens fan, hehehe) and had a blast. I ended up sitting next to someone who was not only from Pittsburgh but who graduated from the exact same high school as me ten years prior (and it’s not a big school!), what are the odds?! Then the Penguins ended up winning in overtime, ahh, it was a great night. Even the drugged up D-train hobo that asked us our ages and tried to tickle my friend’s foot on the trip back to school couldn’t bring me down! ‘Twas a good time.

    On Saturday I went with a friend to the other campus to watch a basketball game (we won!) and had Japanese later that night. On Sunday, I went crazy and watched 10 or 11 episodes (which are about 42 minutes an episode) of Gilmore Girls, because I desperately want to finish the series before the revival comes out this Friday (ahhhh), and well, clearly I have my priorities straight. I regret nothing. 

    On Sunday night at 10, I had my first ever intramural basketball game! I made the trip up to the other campus and met my co-ed team, which was a mixture of kids from my campus and the other one. Everyone was nice and we won!!! It was so much fun to play basketball again (my first game since I tore my ACL in January), but I was so excited to be back that I rushed everything and basically sucked. I also sucked wind, wowwww I need to run more. But I loved that familiar feeling of burning lungs (I’m not crazy, it means you’re working hard, it’s a good thing), I wish we had more than 5 games in our season. Also, I wish the games weren’t so late. Because the van stops heading back to our campus at 11, so I had to take a subway back to my dorm. Luckily, three guys from my campus are also on my team, so I wasn’t alone. But I didn’t get back to my room until around 12:15 AM. Can’t wait for my 11 pm game in a few weeks when I have four classes the next day (including an 8:30) *rolls eyes*. But if that’s what it takes to play basketball, I’ll gladly do it. If only we had a club team! 

    So now here I am, writing on a MegaBus heading home to Pittsburgh for the first time since leaving for college. I’ve seen these buses drive by me nearly every day, and I’ve always stared after them longingly. Now I could not be happier to finally be in one and on my way home. I just wish I had more time to spend with my family and friends! I come back to NY on Sunday, which seems way too soon, but in the meantime, I’ll focus on trying to sleep through the eight hour ride so that before I know it, I’m back in the ‘Burgh. Let’s go Stillers, n’at. 


    -Mad Dawg

    Enjoy this photo of Ringo Starr, brother of Patrick Starr (if you’ve never seen Spongebob then I guess this hilarious joke went over your head). I like his stache. 

    You Probably Forgot I Had a Blog 

    Hello conflicted people of America (chill guys, I won’t get political, let’s all be friends). As usual, the time since my last post has made you wonder a mixture of “Is she dead?” and “meh”. Thank you for your concern, friends. I am alive and well (I actually just got a flu shot today so I’m basically immortal) and here to report my recent adventures in NYC. 

    Two weeks ago was Conan O’Brien’s last show in NYC at the Apollo Theatre before he returned to LA (boo). My mom loves Conan and suggested that I do whatever I could to see him live. So, I figured, “hey, I’ll go by myself, because who needs human interaction, RIGHT?!”. JK, I went alone because I figured it’d be the easiest way to get a ticket. And guess what, it was! I got off of the waitlist and went to the show! It was incredible to be in the historical Apollo Theatre and see Matthew Broderick, Conan, Andy, Nick Kroll And John Mulaney, Tracy Morgan, and a live camel (the true star of the night). Sigh, I want to work on TV so badly!! I’ll be Andy’s co-sidekick, it’ll be great. 

    Here are some images from random walks (I went to Riverside Park for the first time last Wednesday, it’s SO NICE! And so many cute dawgs, I’ll definitely be returning 😎):

    Ball is life, ma homies:

    Catching the performance “ASSSSSCAT” at UCB Theatre 🙂 

    An image from the finish line (THEY WOULDN’T LET ME ANY CLOSER, OKAY?!) at the NYC Marathon. These people are incredible and so inspirational! 

    I hear that just living in this building puts you at risk for diabetes (that was a joke, just FYI. You know a joke is great when you have to explain it after. Yay 4 comedy😭): 
    I saw the women’s basketball team at my school play their home opener. It was great and they won!!! I wanted so badly to jump on the floor and start playing though, to which they would have said, “Get off the hardwood, fatty!”. I miss basketball so much! I joined an intramural team, though, and I cannot wait to start playing. I will probably be the person who takes it too seriously (BALL IS LIFE, I can’t say it enough. Also, YOLO), but I can’t help it, it’s my first time playing in a game since my injury and I am soooo happy. Don’t know when we start though. 

    Lastly, but the best thing of all, I was able to reconnect with friends from high school over the weekend!! They came up from their perspective schools and we reunited to take the Big City. It was amazing to see them and perfect because I won’t have time to miss them. Thanksgiving break is in a week and one day, after all! I am BEYOND excited to come home from college for the first time  (Fall Break? Never heard of it). One of the first things I’ll do is visit the brand new gym at my old high school (not a joke, a dream about this new court. It’s COLLEGE SIZED!! I might kiss the floor, I’m that excited) and of course see my family and friends! I love Thanksgiving. It is a disrespected holiday, overlooked due to Christmas and Black Friday, that NOW starts on Thanksgiving itself (inexcusable, people). Also the Gilmore Girls revival is coming, Black Friday!! If it doesn’t live up to the hype, I’ll be very sad (great threat). I’m going to try to go on a few more adventures before Thanksgiving Break, and actually post about them in a timely fashion, too.

    Have a great week everyone, and happy Monday 🙂

    Friends (photographic proof):

    City nights and pretty nights (I’m a poet):

    What a view! 

    If I hang out at Columbia everyday, maybe they’ll just give up and accept me as one of their own:

    My first (peaceful) protest!! My favorite part was chanting clever rhymes. 

    Fall is beautiful!!!

    I’m horrible at posting regularly but I hope my charmisma and winning personality make up for it

    The title says it all, folks. I know it’s been a while, you know I’m sorry. But I have much to share so I hope all is forgiven until I accidentally neglect you again. Without further ado, let’s take a look back at these last few weeks!

    Two weekends ago it was family weekend at school, and my parents came to visit! I was so happy to see them, and as soon as I walked towards their hotel, I became overcome with emotion. It was my first time seeing them in person since they dropped me off for school. Although I am happy, I really have missed my family and friends. Getting to spend that weekend with them was so bittersweet. We had a great time but saying bye was tough. But now I’m even more excited to come home for Thanksgiving break!! 

    Thanks for sniping me, Mom:
    P.S. Not having to pay for my meals for a weekend turned out to be awful. I ate like a wildabeast. Now I look like one. SOS. 

    … but how does one say no to chicken and waffles?! 
    This past weekend, I ice skated with my friend (a former serious figure skater!) in Bryant Park’s Winter Village, which has been open for a little under a week. I sucked but she was very kind and patient! Apparently my flinstone feet are too wide for ice skates, what a darn shame. My NHL career is looking less and less likely these days. 

    Later that day, my roommate and I traveled to Brooklyn to see the New York Islanders (boo!) play the Toronto Maple Leafs (meh). I have really missed hockey and being there was cool, but it wasn’t really close to the atmosphere in Pittsburgh. Maybe it was because they were playing the Lowly Leafs. Maybe it’s because our team is the reigning Stanley Cup Champ. Who knows. But I do know that Penguins fans do it right… however I do concede that the Islanders goal celebration was really fun (see video).  

    ​I would see a Rangers game… if I was a billionaire. I want to go inside of MSG but not badly enough that I’d shell out $100 for the worst seats in the house just to see the Rangers play Phoenix (yes, Phénix has a hockey team, and yes, they charge you that much even to see a team like the Coyotes, who have the worst record in the league)​. Lord, help me find a job that can get me into Madison Square Garden (as a spectator, to be clear). Amen. 
    Lastly, Halloween was two days ago. Can you believe it’s the second day of November already?! Me neither! But it is, so please stop playing the Christmas music, THERE IS A HOLIDAY IN BETWEEN CHRISTMAS AND HALLOWEEN. And it’s delicious. But before we focus on Thanksgiving, let us take a moment of silence for Halloween 2016 and remember it fondly. 

    I was Buddy the Elf. I took these pictures myself and did not go out, since I had an early morning class the next day. I hope these look more candid and less sad than they really are. I should probably have kept that to myself but what can I say, I’ve got a knack for embarrassing myself, especially public (for example, when I was ice skating, I almost face-planted several times). Plus, I’m still convinced under 10 people read this, so no damage done. 

    Happy November, everyone!